Any driver using his/her car in a reckless manner putting track officials in danger or any driver, pit crew member, or spectator who approaches any track official, worker or other driver in a aggressive or violent manner will be charged with disorderly conduct and barred from this track!!! Owners and operators reserve the right to bar any per son or persons for any reason for amount of time decided by track owners and operators.

All drivers must be signed and draw pill by 6:30. There will be no time trials in any division unless stated prior to race. Attendance at drivers meeting BY DRIVER IS MANDATORY.

Driver must be in staging area at designated time.  At no time is it the race officials responsibility to notify entry.  Cars not in staging at designated time-will start on tail.  It is intended that as one event is on track, the next TWO events will be lined up.  After the second event is lined up, the first event lineup is final.

Order of races will be posted at all events. It is YOUR responsibility to be ready.  No tolerance will be given.

Scale area is off limit to pit crew. Driver and track personnel only.

At no time can any crew member be on race track or in any restricted areas.  No exceptions.  Any crew member doing so will be removed from restricted area, suspended and driver will be disqualified from event.

No work can be done on race car on track.  No tools allowed on track at any time. 

No driver is to exit car on track for any reason-other than fire.  Driver will be immediately disqualified from event and possible fine/suspension.

Any cars entering track other than at practice times and specified race times will be disqualified for night and face probation/suspension.

Possible penalties for rough driving (depending on how severe) are relegated to rear of field, disqualifications, fines and or probation.

Any entry bringing out two unassisted yellows will be put in the infield for the remainder of race.

All fines will go into that particular classes points fund.

Standard flagging will be used.

Once the field has been sent away from the lineup, drivers must be aware that any attempt to either light up the rear tires, or run warm up laps at racing speeds, will be considered a penalty and the entry will be relegated to rear of field.

Double File Starts-Inside pole sets reasonable pace and outside pole keeps pace.  Inside pole starts race sometime after entering turn 4.  If bad start caution will be thrown on back stretch (caution will never be thrown on front stretch).  Driver at fault for bad start will be penalized 1 position.  Any driver causing caution on start will be relegated to rear of field.

Single File Starts-Leader starts race sometime after entering turn 4.  No driver may attempt to pass until he or she reaches tire/cone coming out of turn 4.  Any driver diving under any other driver on start will be relegated to rear of field

Anticipating the start, or firing before the start will be considered a penalty, and the offending driver will be put back one row.  One scored lap must be completed before field aligns single file.  Any car bringing out caution before official lap, goes to rear.  Any driver stopping before the completion of the first lap to bring out the caution will be put in the rear of the lineup.

Any cars that are involved in any accident that brings out red or yellow flag will be lined up in the rear of the field.  (This does not include cars that stop to avoid hitting other cars or cars judged not at fault for accident.)

If a judgment call cannot be made all drivers involved will be put to tail of field in the order the cars return to line up.

Any driver stopping to argue with track official is subject to appropriate penalty.

Drivers are welcome to stop and have sheet metal cleared under caution with front stretch or second corner workers ONLY.

After two attempts to start the race, restart may be aligned single file.

No entry can receive assistance from another car during the last lap of a race.

There will be no racing back to the caution, except on the white flag lap, after the white flag has been shown to the leader and the leader has started his last lap and will not encounter incident-then the race will be concluded with yellow and checkered for leaders.

Under caution or red any car that leaves track surface will restart in rear of field.

In the event of a caution, any lapped car will line up for the restart behind those cars on the lead lap, unless, in the judgment of the race director, any of those cars are making forward progress through the field. 

 In the event of a caution, the alignment will be made based on the last completed green flag lap.

Any driver that spins for any reason as he is being lapped or is about to be lapped by the leader, and brings out the caution will be scored one lap down from that point onwards in the race.

 Any entry that deliberately causes a caution, in the judgment of race director or officials, will be scored one lap down.

 All realignments will be done by row moving forward.  No crisscrossing after green flag drops for original starts.

All cars will go to scale area at discretion of officials, number to be weighed will be done so, all others will be flagged around scales.

Top 1 in heat & top 3 in feature will go to infield tech area then scales.