Western Kentucky Speedway Super Street 2014 Rules

1.  Any stock U.S. production model, No convertibles, station wagons or trucks. Aftermarket aluminum bodies ok.  Aftermarket stock type nose pieces are allowed.
2. Minimum stock wheel base 108
3. Must have full racing seat and belts.
4. Interior boxing is allowed but must be safe and approved by tech.
5. Sub frame connectors ok. Must be original subs.
6. Tow chain is mandatory on front and rear bumper.
7. Must have firewall between engine/driver or enclosed cockpit.
8. Window nets are mandatory.
9. Solid motor mounts and mid mounts are allowed.
10. Weight rule is 3200 lb. after race.
11. All weights must be painted white and numbered to your car.
12. Six inch max height on spoiler.
13. Fuel cell or gas tank must be approved by tech inspector. Original tank must be removed.
1. No engine set back from original, (number 1 plug must be in line with upper ball joint).
2. Must be all steel except for intake. One piece intakes only
3. Racing heads optional, must be steel (Dart, Bowtie, RHS, etc.), 23 degree only.  No aluminum
4. Cubic inch optional.
5. No dry sump oil pumps.
6. Block must be steel. Aftermarket blocks ok. No aluminum.
7. Headers optional.
8. Carburetor will be one two or four barrel. Gas only, No Dominator.
9. No adjustable restrictor plates from cockpit.
10. Camshaft optional.
11. No mag ignitions.
12. MSD, Holley, etc. ignitions are allowed.


1. Transmission can be any automatic with any convertor combination
2. Any Straight shift with any disc clutch
3. Bert or Brinn is allowed.
4. No (sprint car type) direct drives.

Tires and Wheels
1. 10 inch maximum width steel wheels only.
2. Any 8 or 10 inch racing or DOT tire ok, No recaps. No wide 5 wheels
3. Bead locks allowed on any wheel


Rear Ends
1. Any OEM housing. No quick change. No fabricated housings
2. 360 driveshaft hoop is mandatory, installed on forward third of driveshaft.
3. Driveshaft must be painted white.
4. Driveshaft must be steel.
5. No wide 5 racing hubs.
1. No aftermarket racing brake calipers.
2. Disc brakes on all four wheels are allowed.
3. Brake pedals and bias adjuster optional.
1. Stock unaltered a frame mounts and trailing arm mounts.
2. Tubular upper A-arms allowed but mounting brackets must be stock and original location.
3. Lower a frame must be stock and original location.
4. Jack bolts on all four corners are allowed.
5. One racing shock per corner, No adjustable coil overs.
Springs must be in original location for that car.
6. Upper trailing arms may be altered for pinion angle.
7. Lower trailing arms must be stock and in stock location.
8. No j-bar or panhard bars are allowed.
9. No pull bars of any type on rear ends.

Roll Bar & Roll Cage Installation
Must be built from steel tubing (no pipe of any kind) 1 ½ O. D. x .095”
wall thickness. All tubing must be mandrel bent and welded with arc,
Mig or Tig. Full four post roll cage with at least one horizontal bar
behind driver from left to right, in the main roll bar. A diagonal brace
from top to bottom in the main roll bar. A minimum of three horizontal
door bar in passenger side, two braces from top of main roll bar down
to trunk floor (behind rear axle. A horizontal from left to right between
front cage post at dash height, and two braces or snout hoop forward
from dash brace to front sub-frame horns. Other bars or braces to protect
radiator, etc. are allowed, but must remain inside body lines. Roll bars
must pass tech. 
      The safety of drivers, pit crews, track personnel and spectators is our top priority. Please build your cars in accordance to our minimum safety requirements.